About Us

Company Profile

We are a professional team of Information Technology and Graphic Design Consultants who provide full internet services such as web design, web hosting, search engine optimization, programming, and much more. We design websites using your corporate image and present your content professionally to your audience. Navigator Multimedia Inc. understands that the world of modern technology is constantly changing and we are always developing new ways to stay up to date. Our six available stages of web and print publishing are:

1. Consultation
Our Consulting Service offers advice on all aspects of establishing your presence and doing business on the Web as well as Print. It includes communication strategy, analysis, marketing, e-commerce and content advice.

2. Concept
Our experienced staff have the ability to determine the most appropriate method for the cost effective delivery of your information to your target audience. We can advise you of the best alternatives for all aspects of the design, creation and delivery of your website and branding.

3. Design
Designing attractive, informative graphics appropriate to the internet involves a different skill to conventional graphical work. We can create icons, logos, animations, images, streaming video, and electronic forms using a variety of systems.

4. Implementation
Once the concept and design of your website or print work has been established, the process of putting it all together begins. Starting from scratch, we can create your website using HTML/XHTML, PHP, JAVA, JAVAScript, QuickTime, Shockwave, CGI, PERL, Flash, etc. Our sites are optimized for fast loading times and compatibility with all popular web browsers.

5. Marketing
We can assist you to market your website effectively through basic or advanced search engine optimization. Maintaining your website is a simple procedure that may involve adding new pages, changing existing ones, promoting special offers or new products and services. With regular updating you can ensure that your clients keep coming back to check for new information. You can track how many people visit your site and what they look at. No other communication or advertising medium provides this level of accountability for your marketing dollar.

6. Support
When your website is live we continue to provide support. Keeping your website fresh and updated is vital to ensure that visitors return to your website on a regular basis. Managing a website requires resources. Our staff have been trained to help make the management of your website easier. A website is not static like a brochure, it is a dynamic – a growing and changing marketing tool that should create many wonderful new opportunities for your business. We are here to help you achieve those opportunities.

Navigator Multimedia Inc. is not limited to web and print work, please view our Services for a full list of information.